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Meet Brianne

Hi! I'm the HLIC (head lady in charge) of the Daul House also known as Eamon's wife, and Sophie, Declan, and Kieran's mommy. I am a self-taught and ever-learning natural light photographer, and I LOVE what I do!

I first fell in love with photography when my daughter was born. I enjoyed dressing her up like my little doll and documenting every single outfit change, hair accessory, or new pair of shoes. Toddler fashion and photography became a passion. I decided to take on clients and finally realized what I wanted to be when I grew up! I recently launched my boudoir photography business which you can find here.

Fun facts: I'm constantly changing my hair, I love boy bands (so what if I'm in my 30's!), my favorite wine is Riesling, and my sister and I share the same birthday and are exactly 10 years and 10 minutes apart. I can't wait to get know you!